Patatas Injector APK Download ( Latest) For Android


Download the Patatas Injector apk latest version for Android, It allows you to unlock premium skins of the Call of Duty game.
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Android 5.0+

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The Patatas injector is ideal for Call of Duty. It is the first to be made specifically for CODM. This injector allows you to use multiple skins, making your gaming character more difficult for your enemies. You can also use this injector to stay in the game for a long time. You can get out of your comfort zone and prepare for the planet of legends. Call of Duty game is growing day by day, and there is a lot of traffic to this game every day.

Patatas VIP Injector APK for call of duty is a free tool that lets you add premium resources to your game. These tools include Aimbots and Sonic Speed, High Jump, Sonic Speed (no jump penalty, no recoil), and many more.

These CODM tools are available without the need for subscriptions. This makes this app the ideal tool to win matches. Patatas Gaming injector also allows you to quickly add new skins for Call of Duty games. You can also change the background and music of the game with the tool. This CODM Mod Menu Injector app allows you to create skins and add weapons such as a rocket launcher or sniper rifle. These weapons can be used to kill enemies or gain bonus items for completing tasks. Another great thing about this tool is the ability to create your own levels.

What is Patatas Injector?

Patatas CODM Injector APK was designed for Android devices. It has many features. The powerful graphics engine makes it ideal for games that require quick action. You can also choose from multiple skins and high-capacity storage.

Patatas Apk, a multiplayer game, has been embraced by millions over the past ten years. The game lets players play against each other using ground troops, artillery, and Russian tanks. It offers first-person shooting and cinematic storytelling. It is a great choice for players because of its modern features. You can access ML skins, drone views, and customizable settings.

More about Patatas Injector:

Patatas Injector Apk allows you to inject skins in CODM games. You can customize these skins in many ways and have access to thousands more items. You can purchase a brighter ball or have a zombie appear when you die. This is a great way to enhance your game.


This Call of Duty application was recently developed and offers many new features that you can use while playing the game. Here are the Patatas CODM Injector Android APK features.

CODM Skins

These skins will allow you to stay longer and make use of the injectors on the gun.


Protection against banishment is provided by the anti-ban function

The Latest Characters

You can use all the new characters for free.

New Weapons

This application comes with the latest weapons, including Cannon, Rocket Launcher, and many more. With these weapons, you can easily defeat your enemies.

ESP Wall

This feature allows you to see the exact location of your enemies.


You can aim easily at your enemies and cause damage to their locations. This feature lets you play Bang Bang without the need to use a mouse.

Dark Mod

This injector also has Dark Mod.

Recent Maps

The Patatas Injector Apk comes with 10 plus the most recent maps. Each map is unique in its style and graphics.

Additional Features:

  • Easy to download and use
  • Smoothly runs on low-end Android devices
  • It works on both rooted Android devices and non-rooted Android phones.
  • The interface of this injector is very user-friendly.
  • There is no registration.
  • No Password
  • It takes only a few megabytes to download the lightweight application.

Benefits of Patatas Injector:

Patatas Gaming Injector turns your phone into a powerful gaming controller. It boasts a fast graphics engine and a large storage capacity. You can also use multiple skins to allow you to play more games simultaneously. Patatas uses a unique engine technology called Multi-Skin. It’s similar to the MLBB XCode or Ngulik apps.

This application also allows you to personalize your phone with different skins and characters. This app allows you to add characters to your games, which increases your gaming experience. The app is simple to use and will not cause any problems. It’s safe and it doesn’t have any restrictions. Also, check the Davine injector free of cost.

Why We Use Patatas CODM Injector?

  • Patatas Injector Apk, a multiplayer game that offers tons of content and is free, is a great option.
  • You can get it for free, and you have many features to enjoy.
  • It has an intuitive interface that makes it easy to use and navigate.
  • You don’t need to sign up for this app to view its content. It’s also safe and secure for Android phones. It also offers premium features.
  • Each hero can have up to nine skins. This application was developed by Patat4s Injector Apk. It is extremely versatile and powerful and its creator is a legend.


Get the latest version and keep it updated from our website. This Patatas injector Apk was created to provide a great experience. It gives you many new skins to improve your game. Leave your comments below about the application and share them with your friends.

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